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Welcome to Pueblo Imaging Center.net.

At Pueblo Imaging Center, LLC, customer service is our commitment. We are Southern Colorado’s leading MRI facility, and have been serving the Community since 1995 providing more than 70,000 scans. We strive to empower patients and physicians, providing them with the information necessary for peace of mind. Our same day appointments allow us to provide answers in only a few short hours rather than days!

See the experience in every image means you will receive your scan by Technologists who are Double registered, MR and Radiology, with a total of 30 years experience, and our MRI facility Has been fully accredited by the American College of Radiology since July 2000.

With our superior imaging capability on our 3.0T MRI, high quality images and fast turnaround times, we are personalizing imaging with every scan.

Contracted with all major insurances including Kaiser Permanente
Call 719.542.0172 to schedule an appointment.